"When you teach any branch of physics you must motivate the formalism — it isn’t any good just to present the formalism and say that it agrees with experiment — you have to explain to the students why this [is] the way the world is. After all, this is our aim in physics, not just to describe nature, but to explain nature." - Steven Weinberg, 1997

As teaching associate:

    ME16: Engineering Dynamics, spring 2018, department of mechanical engineering, UCSB.

As teaching assistant:

University of California Santa Barbara, Department of Physics:

  • Intermediate Mechanics,

University of California Santa Barbara, Department of Mechanical Engineering:

  • Engineering Vibrations (twice),
  • Fluid Mechanics II (twice),
  • Fluid Mechanics I,
  • Statics,

University of California Riverside, Department of Physics:
  • Physics General Labs, 6 classes (sections 2LA, 2LC, 2C),
  • General Physics Discussions, 12 classes in total (2A, 2B, 2C),
Sharif University of Technology, Department of Aerospace Engineering:
  • Orbital Mechanics (5 semesters),
  • Aircraft Design II.